Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loyalty :-)

Was reminded today that loyalty is always a two way street...  And that once a person or a group proves over and over that they do not see things in the same way, perhaps it is time to simply move on.  :-)  To me at least it completely validates my recent decisions, so there is a certain freedom in that once you let go... Kind of like hooking up to a static line, not sure exactly where you are going to land, but it is far too late to change your course once you get to the door :-)

Ah well, back to gaming stuff :-)

Next week I think I bring something completely different for the GK's...  We've played the one army in the league I did not feel our armies had an answer for, so let's try some of the other weird stuff...  Things like a Grand Master with the Psytrope grenades (thanks to Mike at for pointing out something I completely missed)...  I'm really liking the 10 man Terminator squad with the banner, so they'll likely be a staple unit...  Haven't tried the Purifiers yet, so they'll likely come out to play in a Rhino...  Strike squad in Razor/Rhino to run next to Loq's Land Raider and make deep strikers pay dearly for daring to drop in on us...  AC/TLAC DN w/ Psy ammo for an aggressive Dread and rolling in with the Terminators and other vehicles...  Probably not the biggest threat, so it might even live :-)  For a while at least...  Ironically, I might have the Dreadknight mostly assembled, but might have it sit out to free up a mess of points...Or bring it, he is an unholy terror against things like the IG masses and most Marine stuff...  Dunno...  Too many toys I want to bring, not enough points...  Not many teams left to play in the league, so pretty darn good idea what we'll be facing at this point I think...