Friday, April 15, 2011

Bring out the GM?

Thinking of bringing the following next week…

Grand Master (Psytrope, Rad Grenades)    205

Purifier Squad (120, 2 Psycan 20, 2 halberd 4)    144

    Rhino                    40

Terminator Squad (10, 2 Psycan, Banner)    475

DN (Assault Cannon, TLAC, Psy Ammo)        135

999 points

Not sure though… The Grand Strategy will be great, but the loss of the Psychic powers, especially the stealth one… Against the Eldar, not a big deal, I would not likely cast it in any case. The Grenades the GM carries would be devastating against them, and scouting the Terminator squad right out into the center and hoping to weather the one turn it would likely take to reach the line… Probably have Loq bring a Crusader full of HtH troopers and the EC. Just overwhelm whatever is in front of us with lots of really dangerous targets. LR/LRC full of BT's, my lads on foot daring them to close, the DN providing cover fire and the Reinforced Aegis… We'll have to play this somewhat more aggressive , but it should work out well…