Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First win!

Well, Loq and I got or first solid victory…


She brought Her Templars:


Terminator Squad w/ 2 CML and Tank Hunter

Large squad of CCW/Pistol Marines

2 Line Squads, 1 ML, 1 Las Cannon



I brought the list I played last week, more or less..


10 man Terminator squad w/ 2 Psycannon, Banner

DN w/ 2 TLAC and Psybolt ammo

Dreadknight w/ Teleporter and Heavy Inferno


Facing IG/Eldar with (from memory, so probably not accurate)

Seer Council on Jetbikes

Autarch on Jetbike

3 Squads of Jetbike Guardians w/ 2 Shuriken Cannon/squad

2 of the Hellhound variants with the Multi Meltas, forget the name…

3 Leman Russ Demolishers with LC and Plasma Sponsons


Setup was Spearhead, kill points… They had turn one, so after they set up, I set up my Terminator squad w/ Librarian in cover strung out along our front… Her line squads set up in cover along with the Tank Hunter Terminators… The poor HtH squad set up in the open, and they died early on, but they bought the rest of the army time, absorbing a LOT of fire allowing my Terminators the opportunity to set themselves up in cover at the center of the board… From here, over the course of 4 turns, their Psycannon accounted for a number of vehicle kills while the Librarian was finally able, on turn 4 to defeat the Farseer and prevent the Fortune power… The Seer Council got stuck in HtH with one of the Line Squads, they held and the Terminators she had with Power Fists came in to swat them out of existence. The Dreadknight jumped about and killed a few things, despite whiffing against one of the Hellhound… Still impressed, though I think I will have to run the Heavy Psycannon to test them…


I think that I will have to run the Knights at 1500 or 1850 to get a true feel for the army… 1000 is just too small to really field much. My DA force was much better at this level I think… I think if I end up going to the team tournament at Adepticon next year, it will be my Consecrators that hit the field…